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Joe wrote:
Thank you for the church promo kit. I was given a book earlier by your organization and passed it on to a young man struggling with porn. Since then, he has taken himself from the porn and married a fantastic young woman. Thanks again.

Anonymous wrote:
I used to personally struggle heavily with pornography and all the sin that surrounds that. During that time a friend of mine gave me his copy of your book. Your book was a huge tool in my freedom with Christ from pornography. I have been free from looking at porn for well over three years now and I owe all the gratitude to God and how he used your book to set me free from it all. That being said, I am a huge advocate of this book. I have bought it for a friend in the past already. I am currently leading a small group of about five people.

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How to Tell if Your Partner is Struggling with Porn and what to do if they are

September 18, 2018

Here at Fight The New Drug, it has always been our goal to educate and raise awareness on the harmful effects of pornography to society as a whole. We receive countless emails and messages from Fighters all across the world, showing their support for the movement and sharing the facts in order to help change the conversation about porn. However, while many are repping their ‘Porn Kills Love’ tees and sharing posts about the harms of porn, there is another group of Fighters who have a particular passion for the cause because they are struggling or know somebody who is. We have plenty of people who message us because they aren’t sure how to tell if someone close to them is struggling...

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7 Questions Pastors Need to Answer About Porn

August 29, 2018

 Thursday, August 23, 2018 | Written by Chris McKenna To the pastors and ministry leaders reading this blog post, a percentage of your staff and people are regularly looking at pornography. And, all of your people are stuck in a world that has a lot of loud opinions about pornography and distorted messages about sex. How are you addressing their questions? Are you speaking openly and honestly about this sensitive and sometimes controversial area? We’ve identified seven key questions that Christians might need you to answer related to pornography. And for ministry leaders who want to further address the issue, we provide additional steps you can take in our brand new guidebook, Ready: How to Protect and Heal Your Ministry from Pornography.  Question...

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