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Joe wrote:
Thank you for the church promo kit. I was given a book earlier by your organization and passed it on to a young man struggling with porn. Since then, he has taken himself from the porn and married a fantastic young woman. Thanks again.

Anonymous wrote:
I used to personally struggle heavily with pornography and all the sin that surrounds that. During that time a friend of mine gave me his copy of your book. Your book was a huge tool in my freedom with Christ from pornography. I have been free from looking at porn for well over three years now and I owe all the gratitude to God and how he used your book to set me free from it all. That being said, I am a huge advocate of this book. I have bought it for a friend in the past already. I am currently leading a small group of about five people.

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Myth Busters: I'll stop looking at porn when I get married

May 20, 2019

The TV show MythBusters is known for taking popular myths and showing if they are true or not.  More often than not, true to the show’s name, myths are “busted,” shown for the falsehoods they really are.  I hope this article serves as a buster for two popular myths single men and women follow: I’ll stop looking at porn when I get married. My porn and lust aren’t harming anyone because I’m not married. Often singles believe because God gave them a sex drive, it means they must be sexually active.  If being sexually active isn’t feasible, or they’ve made a decision to wait until marriage, porn seems like a natural replacement. In fact, porn can almost feel like an...

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How My 14-Year Old Daughter's Experience With Porn Brought Us Closer Together

May 16, 2019

One fateful night in November 2014 my then-14-year-old daughter woke up my husband and me at 2 a.m. Crying and visibly distraught, she whispered, “Mom, I have to tell you something.” Those dreaded words are guaranteed to jolt even the deepest sleeper into full-alert mode. Immediately my mom brain raced through the usual suspects: Is she pregnant/on drugs/in serious trouble? Is one of her friends pregnant/on drugs/in serious trouble? Whatever the inspiration for her urgent need to talk to me in the middle of the night was, I knew I had to remain calm to keep her from freaking out any worse than she already was. The “FBI” found her secret I sat up quietly. “OK. What’s up?” I asked her...

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