Let's Talk

We are ready to help you communicate the message of hope and restoration too individuals that are struggling or wanting to learn how to help address the issue of pornography.   We believe pornography can be talked about from the pulpit, men’s group, youth group, conference, or at a chapel on a university campus. 

We're willing to do an event anytime, anywhere. Well, maybe not anywhere, but we're willing to consider it! To inquire about event details and costs send us an email at contact@freedombeginshere.org.

Below are the qualified individuals to come to your church, conference, university or community to discuss the issues behind the struggle with pornography.


Brent Barrowcliff  - Executive Director Transparent Ministries

Brent Barrowcliff has spent more than 35 years in the distribution of Christian materials.  He has led a large sales organizations.  The past four years he has led an organization (www.freedombeginshere.org) that is freeing men and women from the addiction to pornography and sexual sin.  His passion is to see the church become a safe place where individuals can find freedom from hidden sins.  His desire is to equip pastors and church leaders to provide a way for the large percentage of addicted people in the fellowship to find freedom. He is married (30 years) and has three grown children.   


Rick Dimmitt 

Rick Dimmitt is passionate about porn. (Caught your attention, didn't we!) Actually Rick is passionate about seeing men get freed from the bondage that porn brings into a man's life. Freedom Begins Here is a ministry that goes where most churches are afraid to go; getting down to where people really live, the struggle with sexuality and relationships, pornography and lust. FBH says lets be honest and get the conversation started about what's really going on in a man's everyday life.


Mike Markovich

Since a very early age I have enjoyed using the medium of drama and public speaking to communicate a message of hope and encouragement on a number of topics. Using creative presentations gives me a unique opportunity to present that message to the most visually oriented generation of all time. The message of Transparent Ministries to encourage people to lead deep, rich, authentic lives is one I whole heartily support and believe people need to hear.

On the stage of everyday life my two favorite roles are those of husband and father. The lead roles in my story include my wife Michele who I have been married to for 26 years, 21 year-old son, Caleb, 19 year-old daughter Anna, and 16 year-old son Seth. I also play a role at DaySpring Cards, a Hallmark company. For over 25 years I have led Marketing and Creative groups in developing greeting cards and gifts that have spread hope and encouragement around the world.


Bryson Moore

Bryson Moore is the Director of Communications for the Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics at John Brown University. He helped birth the Freedom Begins Here project eight years ago. Since that time he has worked tirelessly to motivate and activate churches to address the crisis of pornography and sexual sin. Bryson graduated from John Brown University with a degree in digital media and later received his Masters in Business Administration. He has been married for ten years to his wife and best friend, Mandy.