What Others Are Saying

We offer many resources that people have used to overcome lustful desires and they are working, one person at a time. Great change has occurred in some of these people and the results speak for themselves. Don't just take our word for it. Here are some of the responses we have received:


Devotional Journal:   

March 2012

The Freedom Begins Here curriculum has been used in our location as we work with men in the midst of recovery from drug and alcohol.  One of the prevalent issue with our has been the way that sexual addictions tend to have a very strong correlation to relapse in other addictions.  The beauty of this curriculum is that it has allowed us to break down some of the previously solid walls to see both the connection that exists between addictions and also to begin the process of renovation of the mind in relation to how we see the opposite sex.  I am very grateful for the conversations that have begun as a result of this curriculum and I know that strongholds are being broken and pornography is making its way to the trash can.  Praise God!”

David Morrow
Men's Programs Chaplain
Union Gospel Mission


September 2012

It has been going great, the Lord is really doing a work here.  More and more men are opening up and sharing the fact that they struggle, and they are coming to the ministry.  The book is awesome, along with the videos ...everyone is being blessed by them!

Calvary Chapel San Diego


January 2013

I was reading on your website that if I would like to purchase more than ten devotional journals to contact you about receiving a discounted rate.

At this current time I actually am only trying to purchase four of your books. I know it is a stretch, but I figured it was worth a shot to at least attempt to receive a discount. My name is Andrew Cittadino I am currently in college and am interning at a local church near where I go to school.

I used to personally struggle heavily with pornography and all the sin that surrounds that. During that time a friend of mine gave me his copy of your book. Your book was a huge tool in my freedom with Christ from pornography. I have been free from looking at porn for well over three years now and I owe all the gratitude to God and how he used your book to set me free from it all. That being said, I am a huge advocate of this book. I have bought it for a friend in the past already. I am currently leading a small group of about five people. One guy in my small group and two other guys that I have met through my internship are struggling with pornography. I would like to purchase three books for them and one to have because I want to have one ready to give to the next person that the Lord places in my life that is struggling with this awful sin. If you are able to provide me a discount on these books that would be amazing, but if you are unable to provide any discounts at this time, I completely understand you have a business to run and that is perfectly acceptable. At worst, this email will convey my gratitude for the part that your book has paid in my walk in freedom with Christ from pornography. Thank you for your time in considering this email and I appreciate all that you all do!


October 2012

I thought you'd like this little story.  I was at a Starbucks on Saturday, doing a little reading, minding my own business.  I had my FBH devotional book with me and was reading for that day.  I noticed a young man watching me out of the corner of my eye.  I finally looked up at him and he asked if he could see my devotional book.  I handed it to him and he read the front and back cover. I asked him if he was interested in the subject...he said yes.  I asked him if he would like one of his own to go through and he said yes.  I got his name, phone number and I told him I would call him this week to set up a time we could get together and give him his book.  I hope to hear his "story" and share mine.  I love divine appointments!


DVDs, Devotional Journal and Overall Resources

April 2012

I have received the Freedom Begins Here materials and I am amazed by your generosity in providing so much additional materials along with the Church Toolkit. I've checked out quite a few sexual integrity programs and Freedom Begins Here really resonated with my spirit. I'm excited about using the DVDs and books in the weeks ahead. Just this week I started meeting with a small group of guys from my church to seek freedom from sexual sin and addiction. I already have folks that want to borrow the Father and Son kit for starting the discussion with their sons. Thanks again for providing this wonderful service. God is using you and all of the folks that created this program to equip God's people to gain victory over sin and shame.

Bob Herwaldt
Tabernacle Community Church
Grand Rapids, MI


July 2012

This is going to be a great tool for my clients struggling with porn and other sex addictions, especially for those who are rooted in their faith but still struggling.  If they watch the DVD and then work through the daily devotional, then I believe that they will be much more willing and able to come to the table during counseling as well as being much more informed about the need for change.

Steve Bemis


Small Group Pack

We have begun using the Small Group Pack with a small group of 6 guys who are all addicted to pornography. Their levels of addiction vary as do their ages (from 19 to 57). The study has been great so far. The Small Group Pack definitely triggers a lot of conversation and really has been getting the guys to open up. It's user friendly and we have much hope in these guys finding freedom through its use and the healing power of the Holy Spirit. I highly recommend these materials!

Pastor Darrell M. Dunlap
Christ Community Church
Serving San Diego


Counselor ToolKit

"This is solid material that you can't get in any other series."
Dr. H. Norman Wright
Author of 'Experiencing Grief'

"Every therapist and pastoral counselor needs to be trained in this."
Christopher McCluskey
Christian Psychotherapist

"Sexual addiction is a huge issue that we cannot ignore. We have to be educated."
Sharon Hart Morris, Ph.D
Author of 'Safe Haven Marriage'


August 2012

It was a pleasure talking to you, and I look forward to working with you and FBH.  I began treating Sexual Addiction in 2008 after completing Freedom Begins Here's course.  Since that time, I have read tons of books, researched, and attended five additional seminars on the topic.  I am slowly getting to see more and more people with sexual addiction a and will be re-vamping my web page to focus on it more.  I am considering creating my own web page that focuses on Sexual Addiction to get more referrals.


March 1, 2013

As a marriage and family therapist there is nothing more discouraging than feeling inadequate to address the issues clients present in session. For the past several years I have had an increasing number of client's report issues related to sexual addiction, secret sexual sin and/or pornography addictions. In many of these cases the presenting issue was marital conflict or crisis and these additional issues were reported later... sometimes much later in therapy. I have realized that in order to truly help these hurting couples I must do a better job of screening for issues of sexual addiction and then be able to properly treat these men and women. This realization led me to begin reading books and seeking out training opportunities. However, finding good training from a Christian perspective was challenging and expensive. A trusted colleague suggested I look in to the resources provided by the organization Freedom Begins Here. Specifically, she recommended I complete the Counselor ToolKit. The package arrived in just a few days and I was able to begin my journey in understanding the nature of sexual addiction as well as practical ways to help my clients learn what healthy sexuality looks like.


February 10, 2013

I was so pleased with the material and the information I began sharing the information with anyone who would listen. This included sending emails out to my colleagues and leading a three-week series with a group of local ministers. I have already been able to use this information with several clients and have modified my intake form to better screen for the specific signs of sexual addiction. Millions of men and women are suffering from a distorted understanding of sexuality and they are suffering devastating consequences of this addictive behavior but there is hope!! I am so thankful that I can now be equipped to offer that hope in my counseling practice!  


Father + Son:Talk about Sex

June 2010

I watched this video with my 11 year old son and it was great! The video answered a lot of my son's questions and after we finished watching the DVD he gave me a hug! I was rather moved by his appreciation for helping him to not only understand sex, but hear about sex from God's perspective. My son also heard about the dangers of porn. Great job guys! I will pass this around to the men at my church.
-Pastor Henry


April 2012

Thanks for the reply...

And I was THANKFUL that if was corny: it was awkward!  The "corniness" helped.  I will purchase ten of the Father/Son.  Thanks again for your ministry.

Pastor Bob


Ministry Support

February 2013

Three months ago my life came crashing down around me.  In desperation, I went to seek counsel from a friend – a mentor.  We talked for several hours and he recommended that I get in touch with Brent Barrowcliff with Freedom Begins Here Ministry.  The next day I contacted Brent and started my road to recovery.  With my marriage on the line and a mountain of hopelessness in front of me I spilled out my story over the next several conversations with Brent.  The Lord used Brent to give me hope in a hopeless situation.  Within days, I started to receive materials from
Freedom Begins Here via Brent: a Devotional Journal, a DVD featuring Dr. Mark Laaser, which included a Covenant Eyes Accountability free trial, and a Freedom Begins Here workbook.  I loaded the Covenant Eyes disc and have been using it since that day as another safeguard against falling back into the pornography trap.  As I began to learn about addiction and work through some of the materials, I started to see the vicious cycle that had entrapped me.  Today, I am taking life one day at a time and learning how to live free as Jesus intended me to live. 

Through Freedom Begins Here Ministry, God used Brent to befriend me, give me hope, and become my accountability partner.  During our weekly talks I am learning to be transparent – honest – real and begin a new life of change and to break my pornography addiction.



June 2012

Thank you Brent and Transparent ministries for your compassion, concern, and contribution into Kevin and Mindy's  marriage. Without question you and your ministry had a significant impact on their lives. I believe in and recommend Brent to churches and Pastors. I believe they can partnered with you in helping people with life-long addictions.

Pastor Joe


March 2013

"My long time friend, Brent and his organization, Transparent Ministries, were there on the most difficult day of my life providing the tools and support I needed to begin my recovery. They continue to be there as a resource provided by God in my continuing recovery."