Freedom Begins Here for Your Church

Today the church is facing an issue of epidemic proportions.  The issue of pornography is effecting lives of many individuals who are Christians attending church today.


We have seen statistics as high as 60% of men and 30% of women in the church today may be struggling with viewing pornography.


Our desire is too equip the individual with life changing freedom that comes with addressing the issue of pornography in our life.  We are committed to help churches address this issue with any person that is ready to deal with his or her struggle.  We lead you through the process of developing safe places so each person can express their struggle and can gain freedom.


We are able to speak at your church, men’s group, youth group and meet with your leadership to develop a plan to address the issue of pornography in individual lives.  If you are interested in this, click here and you will go to our speaker’s page.


If you want to address the issue of pornography on a larger scale we are able to do one or two day conferences. We've seen communities and churches that have joined together to take action on this epidemic facing our culture. Some of things we address are teaching parents how to protect kids, the long term effects of this addiction, accountability relationships and finally, what are the steps to freedom.


Freedom Begins Here is committed to providing you with solutions that bring freedom to individuals in your church.  Click here if want to send a message to Brent at FBH.


Below are the resources that we provide churches.



Church Toolkit


We have prayerfully labored over this Church Toolkit for the last four years.  We have provided the seasoned perspective of relationship expert Dr. Gary Smalley and his pastor Ted Cunningham to lead you and your leadership team forward in the battle. With the clinical expertise of Dr. Mark Laaser and the help of pastors and church leaders from across the country, this resource will be catalytic to your ministry— offering practical suggestions toward creating a safe place for secret sin to be secret no more.


The Church ToolKit includes:


Leaders Only DVD:

• Dr. Mark Laaser's Testimony

• Self Evaluation

• Leadership Accountability

• Call to Personal Purity

• The Challenge


Assessment DVD:

• Characteristics of Sexual Addiction

• Types of Sexual Addiction

• Sexual Addiction Cycle

• Family & Trauma Origins

• Sexual Addiction Screening Test

• The BIG Question


Solutions DVD:

• Solutions Overview

• Corporate Help

• ToolKit Components

• Individual Help

• When People Respond

• "Undo" Music Video

• Reflections of the Journey

• A Spouse's Perspective


Resource ToolKit CD:

• Icebreakers

• Video clips for use in PowerPoint

• "LoveSong" Sermon Transcripts (Seven-Week Series)

• PowerPoint Templates

• Sexual Addiction Screening Test (Copy master)


Covenant Eyes Accountability Software Trial

(Can be given to entire church body)


Leader's Resource Guide


30-Day Devotional Journal






Small Group Pack


The Small Group Pack includes:

• Small Group Guide

• DVD & 5 Devotional Journals

• Covenant Eyes CD (30-day trial)


The Small Group Guide shows you how to use the Freedom Begins Here material to create a safe place where your group can be challenged and equipped to guard their hearts, flee temptation, and find complete freedom from sexual sin. The 30-Day Devotional Journal easily adapts to 6 weeks of group meetings.  The DVD's chapter divisions are easily accessible and the addition of some simple group dynamics allows this powerful content to be discussed, digested, and activated.




Father + Son: Talk about Sex:


Are you aware that only 19% of men ever have a conversation with their sons about sex?


Looking for a way to talk to your son about sex? Freedom Begins Here presents a new format of discussion. The Father + Son interactive DVD and Guidebook are a way for fathers to talk openly with their sons about sex. Sadly, 12-17 year-olds are the largest consumers of internet pornography. Don't let your child fall into that trap. Start the conversation now.