In this video, Bryson and Jameson touch on the obstacles in life viewed as a sort of playground.

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In every playground, there are many obstacles and challenges. There are monkey bars, ladders, walls, bridges, balance beams and jungle gyms. But perhaps the highlight of every playground is the slide. Sure, there are several slides, big small, curved, straight and steep, but every playground has The BIG Slide.

At first its a little scary, but eventually you have to climb up to the top and slide down by yourself. The comfort is knowing that someone will be there waiting for you at the bottom.

In this analogy, the big slide represents the scary, often awkward experience of learning about the "S" word (sorry, YouTube places vulgar ads if we use the real word) and all the challenges that come with it.

We all have our slide.

Sons, tell your dad about some of the obstacles in your life.

Dads, tell your son about some of the obstacles you experienced and remember sharing, or perhaps not sharing, with your father?

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