Charles wrote:

I feel so much shame in writing this now...because I am struggling now! I cant let anybody know, but I am addicted to porn! I remembered my first glance which turned into great ongoing lust as a child. It began with seeing the lingerie in the BIG Sears "Wishbook" When most kids were marking there toys, I was looking at women in this book! Age 8.....then when I was older I was at a friends house for a sleepover and my friends father turned on the playboy channel for all the little boys...I can remember all the filth it showed to this very curiosity the age of 11, I found cinemax on thursday nights at 10pm and then HBO had there time on Saturday the age of 13 we first got the took me a little while to figure out how to cover my tracks...but that didnt take long...I started walking a road that has taken me to a lot of places I have never wanted to go...and im still on this path. But i am making progress...please pray for me! Thanks, Pastor Charles P.S. I have been led to preach against this to my congregation...but how can I.....? I would be a hypocritte!

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