Trying again wrote:

Since I was a little kid I always knew what I wanted to be, a robotics expert, or an astronaut at one time, and even a pro basketball player. But since I started using pornography (or at least watching lesbians) I haven't known what I want to be or who I am, I hate myself for doing it and every time after I do I feel horrible, no body knows it except me and it may be slowly killing me, I feel emptier and emptier each day, I don't know why I chose to start, I was young and I was innocent, I didn't know anything about anything and I definitely did not see myself as a porn addict in three or four years, I have tried to stop don't get me wrong, I have stopped for successfully probably about three or four weeks tops, but I always screw up when I am doing the best, I wish that whoever invented pornography didn't, and that whoever made the internet was smarter and blocked all this crap if you have ever felt the way I have I am very sorry and although at times it seems grim i know that it is possible to overcome, that is why i will try and try again until I succeed, because when I can succeed at overcoming pornography, then and only then can I succeed at life.