Mervin wrote:

I wanted to share my story on how I was addicted to pornography and masturbation which had gone out of hand. I have been addicted to pornography since I was at the age of 12 years old. At the begining, it was just out of curiosity. My friend Gary, brought a penthouse magazine to school one day after we finished our school examination. Out of curiousity, I read the magazine and was aroused sexually with the naked women. I began to fantasized having sex and masturbate. Then later, I saw the opportunity to buy those adult magazines from a newspaper stall near my school. So, I saved up the pocket money given by parents to buy those magazines with pictures of naked women and erotic stories. It became almost an weekly affair. It was a dark secret of mine which my parents were unaware of. They thought that I was an "a perfect son" who did well academically. On another occasion, I visited a school classmate and he also showed me sex pictures and naked women on his computer. I became aroused and masturbated. My addiction became escalated to the extend that I took risks to buy pornographic VCDs from shops, watching over internet and masturbated. I became depressed and lost interests in normal socialising with my friends or engaging in any healthy activities. Even when I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour in 2002 and married in 2003, I was still addicted that let to my destructive behaviour of series of affairs. However, I want to thank God for his faithfulness and forgiveness that I began to feel His restoration, delivferance and healing in August this year which I had decided to serve Him with my wife. I have since confessed my sins to my wife and both of us are seeking Jesus to help me to be totally free. Addiction to pornography and masturbation will indeed stripped you all your self esteem, ruined your marriage and career. It is like a cancerous cell that eats up your soul. It is a very powerful weapons of the Devil to lodge spiritual warfare against us, especially Christians. Only the blood of Jesus, His love and Forgiveness can set us free. Praise the Lord for His eternal love and mercy.