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My boyfriend is addicted to porn and masturbation , since he was 11! He had cheated on me with a previous sex partner he had for a few years. We have been dating for a little over a yr and he stops and then starts again. Everytime he cries his heart out about how sorry he is. This last time I just dont believe he will change. I just dont know what to do anymore! I love him so dearly and I know he is and could be an amazing man, but this effects every aspect of our relationship and even every fight we have which is now daily. I do not know what to do anymore, should I stay or should I go. Someone please help me!!!!!! He is now saying he wants me to be his wife, and Now I am not even sure I f I want to be his girlfriend. I do love him, and I wish I wasnt so angry and hurt. I have no respect or trust for him. I have became so paranoid about every girl and every thing he watches or everytime he is on the computer. When I see a girl dressed revealing it makes me want to cry because I know Dave will see girls like that all day! This is eating me alive!!! I feel i am not enough, unloved, and dirty. I have become to hate all men and I lost respect for all of them Now. I know this is so bad for me to say and think and even feel. I do not want this pain or anger anymore!!!! For a new update. He started it back up agian. The day my uncle passed away I called my dave to cry to him. He ignored my call because he was doing this! It was my Birthday too!


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