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I am in my 20's and I have dealt with alot of low self esteem especially through puberty. I wasn't sure if boys were just shy or if they didn't like me. I asked them out. By the time I was 18 my heart was broken many times. I gave into the temptation that boys only wanted one thing. I gave up my innocense for what I thought was love. I grew up knowing god's love and had even been saved but at the time i was going through alot of changes in my home and school. I started giving into temptations by visiting free websites to just get rid of the urges I felt. I knew satan was tempting me but I had lost so much faith. I got real scared and wasn't sure where to go with my life. I didn't go to church and the one church I used to attend did not have a real college ministry that gave me that welcomed feeling. So I gave up until now. I decided to join in and take a pledge to myself to be faithful and let god choose my path. He knows who is right for me and I am too young to be worried about relationships. God should be the one relationship in my life. I just broke down and prayed last night and asked for him to take this uneasy feeling and pain from my life and take the anxiety off my shoulders. I just need prayers that I will keep steady and stay by the lord's side and let him take my life into his hands. He knows how my life is and what I am going through and I need to belive he is going to take care of me.


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