Thomas wrote:

Life is the stage and we are the actors upon it. That phrase defines me completely. I am the classic church kid who looks perfect and like he couldn't possibly ever deal with pornography. Thats where everyone is dead wrong. It is a double life, the life of godliness and the life of sin. I began at age 12 and now I'm 16 learning to deal with it much better. This Friday me and my friends will be restarting an accountability group I began last winter, and I hope I can help the new teenagers in the church that will inevitably face this battle. The battle for myself is not over yet, but I can tell you one good piece of advice. NEVER GIVE UP!!! Never get down on yourself and make sure you come to somebody with your problem. If my dad had never discovered my problem, I would be drowning in sin right now. Its possible to defeat this, and we can all rise as Christians and do it together. Look to 2 timothy 2:22 and keep it in mind.


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