Sarah wrote:

Well, after reading some of the stories here I feel free to share. I've been married for 9 years and feel that my husband and I have a really good sex life, but I feel that his porn addiction is eating away at our relationship. I have been praying for him and sometimes feel sorry for him because I know this is a demonic stronghold but at the same time I feel violated, or like he's cheating on me. I'm not going to give up on this marriage because I believe that what God has joined together let know man separate, I just need to know how to get through this challenge without acting out in anger, and disrespectful. I do know that this addiction started at a young age due to his father leaving tapes in the vcr. We have two boys and he has repeated this same thing in our house, so I prayed against generational curses over our sons. At first it seemed it was just magazines and videos now he's cross the line as to having sexual conversations in emails to actually exchanging numbers with one female long distance. How do I handle this the Christian practical way?



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