Lovesick wrote:

I am a 15 year old teenager and have struggled with pornography and masturbation addictions my entire life, litterally since I can remember. I have become very close to God in the past two years and I am so enjoying getting closer to God and building relationship with Him. I believe it is about relationship, not religion, which is why Jesus hated what the Pharisees believes in. After I gave my life to God two years ago, I went somewhere around a year without porn or masturbating, then I fell back into it several differant occasions. It got to the point where I couldn't go more than two days, if not a fay, without masturbating. God is working in my life and currently I'm at the two week mark. It isn't always easy but it's so worth the fight and God is so willing to set us free and forgive us all our sins if we just follow after Him and seek His love and grace. God is good and wants to see the entire woe freed from this mess, and so do I. And I'm here to say that's it's possible, so don't give up hope.


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