Eric wrote:

I was one who struggled with pornography for about 15 years, and 7 of those years were after I was married. It came to the point where my wife told me that she was finished with me because she did not want to see any of our three boys get caught up in the same thing. I made the decision to seek out our pastor and get help. Through prayer and support I have turned my life around. It has been about a year and a half now. My wife and I have been a sponsor for our youth group and a lot of the boys have come to me seeking help from this same problem. During my prayer time God has placed it on my heart to start an outreach for men and teens in our church and local town. I went to my pastor to get the ok and he hands my a packet with the freedom begins here dvd and devotional journal, and said lets get it going!!! I have also talked with my wife about doing the same program but for women and girls in our church.


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