Greg wrote:

There are certain things I always find tempting but ironically dumb... That little button that says "Are you 18?" It does no good when that is all that walls an innocent child off from a whole lot of trouble.... As a boy I listened to the Dobson tapes on puberty, as he said "pooberty", and thought they listed temptations of masturbation/porn/adultery etc etc... Some of it means nothing to somebody who doesn't have a clue. It was like understanding having cancer when you were never sick a day in your life. I loved life as a kid, it was more untainted fun than I will ever have alive on this earth, but it ended. I ended up finding little bits of things I didn't understand, but it was exciting, and ADDICTING! At first finding slightly dirty things and not getting caught was the fun... Then I grew older and the looking became the addicting fun.... I didn't realize that I was weaving myself a trap that would put me six feet under. When I finally realized what I had gotten into, I had lost my parents trust twice, learned how to cover my tracks TOO WELL, and was caught up. I would walk around all day with happy thoughts of freedom that ended up in shameful nights staring at my ceiling after another couple hours of binging that seemed like five minutes. God was just about the only peace I found... I have heard many stats and that porn will ruin a marriage. I have been single all my life, though I am only in my twenties, and as painful as it can be, I want this addiction to be fought off before it can ruin the trust of my future wife, so I never have to see the heart wrenching look in another one's eyes when they find my hidden wants and needs on cyberspace.. It is a difficult world with the web, and even more difficult when you can go almost unscathed by your loved ones' eyes. I will fight this battle for you all that read this as well as the honor and purity of the woman I hope to meet some day. God is my strength, now I just have to ask for it that split second before I dive in again.... Will I ever escape this fully? Who knows, but I will not let it define me!!!!!!!!!! God Bless!


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