Jeff wrote:

I would like to make this plea to the churches and pastors of America. I have been into pornography since my youth. I gave my heart to Jesus in 1980, and the reality is that I continued to struggle with pornography for twenty-eight miserable years and through two broken marriages, because I didn't know where to turn, out of fear of being ostracized from the church. I tried but couldn't do it on my own. The statistics say that 50% of Christian marriages end in divorce. The statistics also say that 50% of Christian men (including pastors) and 20% of Christian women struggle with pornography. Do you not see the correlation. It's not easy to deal with such a touchy subject, but the churches deafening silence on the subject has caused sexual addiction and divorce to reach epidemic proportion in the church. Pastors are the shepherds that are to protect their flock from the wolves. The latest wolf at the door is pornography, when are you going to do what your pastoral calling demands that you do. Now there are excellent materials out there for you, the weapons you need to combat the problem. Over one third of your congregation is under attack, you can't wait any longer. Just do it! James 4:17 Therefore to him that knoweth to do goood, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.


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