Chad wrote:

I am a teenager, and I have been struggling with masturbation for three years. After a while, it led to viewing porn as well. It has become an every-day habit of mine. I've prayed and read so much in the Bible to help me with this. I have given it up for a few days in the past, but I want to end it finally! It makes me feel so guilty and vulnerable. This has become way to big of a habit. I think people are pretty honest about what they do 90% of the time, but then there is that 10% left over, that we would be humiliated to death if someone found out about it. Porn and masturbation are my 10%. I NEED to stop! This has become so big of a problem now! Every time I am online and I even think about looking at something, I feel so powerless, like I can't stop myself. If anybody would please pray for me, I would really appreciate it!


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