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Hi, I'm Jeff, I've been masturbating and doing porn from soft to pretty hard, since I was 13 or so, I'm approaching 53... I'm free. After years of fantasizing, loose sex (I was drug addicted, needles, booze, etc. til 83), I got clean and then saved in 89, after being married 4 years, I kept a magazine w/my wife's knowledge in the drawer, as a "release" valve. AS I was saved, I became very convicted and shameful, I'm married to my 3rd wife, who is aware of my struggle, and with prayer, being transparent with my Pastors and Brothers and wife, I've found freedom! Deliverance Prayer through hardcorechristianity , Restoring Lives International, and accountbility, God's Grace has prevailed! Hallelujah! Thank you FBH for being here, I'm glad to have found your site, and the opportunity to testify, God/Jesus/Holy Ghost really cares, and is powerful to SAVE, HEAL and DELIVER! Jeff


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