immortalbound wrote:

Dear beloved brethren, i too suffer from an elongated addiction and hope to strengthen you all with the love of OUR LORD!!! wait upon HIM for HE says come as you are, and behold you shall be delivered! The lust of the flesh has run ramped for long enough and in the great majority of us, some more susceptible than others.It is natural to desire sex but sin to fornicate. Sexual immorality can be committed in thought as well as flesh, so take upon yourselves more a mastery of this. We are tempted by our own flesh: rebuke the urges,block them out,pray to desire cleanliness and good things.Let us take joy in the LORD rather than worldly things we can decide. Furthermore i will say, i am 23 years of age and came much way from my prier self, i was molested at the age of four in my sleep by other children whom were not much older than my own self, it was as a plague that was stricken upon us all, by the hands of a man who sexually abused a little girl who in return came to show us what she learned. It wasn't long before i was curios and wanted to play games leading to to sexual activity, soon after was introduced to pornography, though i was unable to thoroughly understand it i still enjoyed it. At the age of ten i discovered masturbation, and indulged all too much. I found my self doing it in the living room in my shirt with others around!!! how ridiculous!! and even one time in the classroom in the fifth grade!!! and was discovered by my onlooking teacher with a horrified look of unbelief, though she never said anything i realized it wasn't right and then on refrained from "in the shirt masturbation".. i know lol! actually it's terrible. Later i tried seducing women of all sorts and sure enough i was able to enthrall many women.53, 36, or 16 years old i didn't mind , at the age of 17 i was seduced by a fourteen year old girl that had already been having sex for several years!! worst of all it was a friend of mine's sister and he seemed completely fine with it. i was repulsed and repented. At work i wold receive oral sex even thought of becoming a man whore. this persisted until the age of 19, until i received a strong conviction from THE LORD. I decided i would marry and would do things right for a change. So i called upon GOD to bring me the woman i should love and marry and just days later i found my wife on Easter day! We married immediately! and have been together two and a half awesome years. i still desire pornography have repented and backslid countless times. GOD still leads me, i am guided by HIS SPIRIT to do HIS works. HE in fact guided me here to confess and share my testimony. Some miracles are immediate others take a little time. BE well and of good cheer for our GOD is faithful and just to forgive and to cleans of all unrighteousness, HE will fulfill your hearts desire so that your joy be made full. so desire HIS will!!! GOD bless you all! you shall be in my prayers! may you have success!!! GOD is AWESOME!!! Amen!


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