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I am a 47 year old man and I am a porn addict. I have been addict to porn and masturbation since I was a young teen. Several years ago soon after my 2nd marriage began I moved into having oral sex with men. I always felt so discusting and cheap with every time. I felt so ahamed but every time God would be there wanting to help me but i would say no and turn from him. I have been lying to my loving wife. Recently I thought that I had been exposed to a std. So I cried out to the Lord and he was there just like always but this time i turned to him to find his big loving arms open to embace me and say to me welcome home my son I will remove this bondage of sin from you. And at that moment he did just that, I gave it all to him and every since I feel so much weight of guilt and sin lifted off me. Why Lord did I wait so long! God spoke to me that I needed to confess my sins to my wife and the ones that I have hurt with my sexual addiction to begin the healing and restoration of my life. I have told my wife about all of it. I was ready to be kicked out and thought she would never want to see me ever again! I have deeply hurt her by not the acts that I did but by lying to her for all of these years, disrespecting our marriage and breaking her heart. She told me that if I seek help for my addiction and problems that there may be a chance for our marriage. Thank our wonderful Lord! It is because of him that I still have a shot at doing the right thing. I pray every day for his guidance and that he continues to heal my mind, spirit and my marriage. I pray every day for anyone else that has this addiction and that they too will turn to God because we can not do it by ourselves! Only through our blessed Lord and his covering peace on all situations can we overcome our sins! Blessed be his name forever and ever!


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