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I had the same addiction and could not stop on my own.I prayed about it several times and still could not stop.The Lord brought me through it. I believe that if you continue to ask God to help you and you believe that He can,He will deliever you. I think He just wanted to see it I was really sincere about wanting to be delivered. It was truly bondage before He delivered me because I had no control over my desire to want to view porn. The devil wants us in any type of bondage or "sin slavery",( that's how I felt,as if I was a slave to my addiction). That's why porn is everywhere, the devil has made it easily accessable. Don't give up on God. If you don't give up on Him, He certainly won't give up on you. Further more, don't give up on yourself. What I found out also was that the closer I got to the Lord, the more I was able to not only stop viewing porn but I was able to stop lusting when I saw certain women. The two go hand in hand. These sins just naturally went away. When God took over,it was if I did not have to "work" to stop lusting and viewing porn. Once you overcome it,( and you will) the devil is going to keep trying to return you to those habits. He never gives up. The more you attempt to overcome these sins on your own, the harder it will be to do so. Let God do it.Get closer to Him. As you do, you will find that He really is able to deliver you. Read your Bible and talk to God. The prayer dosen't even have to be about the porn addcition. Just talk to Him about anything. It will bring you closer. Because the Lord knows everything past and future, He knew that one day we would have these addictions. It may be a surprise to us but not to Him because He knew everything that we would encounter in life. Take heart in this; though He is not happy about the addiction, He is happy that you acknowledge that there is a problem and you want to be delivered. The worst thing that can happen would be to be in bondage to porn,( or anything else) and not see anything wrong with it. Nothing is too big for the Lord.


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