mary wrote:

I am a woman addicted to porn. It's a love/hate relationship. My soul longs to resist, but my body always takes control and convinces me it's alright. I always go farther than I expect to go. It's weakening my standards of dealing with men in real life (even though I know those people I'm looking at on the computer are real). I've been begging God for help. Recently, though I've never had sex, I got the sudden realization that porn is not real sex. It's robotic, casual, detached. It isn't the passionate, intimate act of love between a man and woman as I believe sex is meant to be. And if it is something that special, I don't want to ruin my chance of giving that to my future husband if God wills for me to get married. I don't want to ruin my future with what I do today. Please pray!!!!!! I am so glad to have found this place! Turn off that porn! by "Rivka" 3.06.2010 Don?t hate me please Don?t take control of me Don?t throw away my things I?m hurt enough, I?m sorry for lust I?m ready to choose this myself Though I can't do it myself I?m praying for God to give me help. I?ve felt the growing addictions And had silent consequences The guilt that can no longer be felt And yet my soul is tortured still They think I?m a little angel They would be shocked to see me This junk doesn?t change my morals Or so I believed Till I saw my own reflection And melted to my knees Sometimes you don?t know what slavery is Till you hear the word ?freedom? And something in your heart awakes It longs to throw off all these chains Why don?t I see it?s a prison? I see what a shame it is to me I don?t want anyone to know of it But I know I want to be free And Jesus said, ?Go and sin no more? Go and sin no more Go and sin no more Go turn off that porn! Galatians 5:1 It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.


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