Newman wrote:

I'm the guy my wife wrote about on Jan 30,2010. I have been a sex addict most of my life. I know the guilt of giving in to temptation, regardless of what temptation it may be. I know the shame of leaving a church because of what I have done. I know the agonizing prayers I prayed asking for forgiveness only to repeat the sin hours later. I have fasted for WEEKS for God to deliver me from the demons that dwelt inside of me. BUT NOW I KNOW FREEDOM!!!!! All of the years I begged God to forgive me and deliver me and save me and rescue me and wipe my guilt away and on and on and on was like the Pharisee praying because I NEVER totally released my will to God. There are no amount of tears or volume of prayers that matter to Him. He does not care if I've gone without food and took communion 6 times a day. There is NOTHING you or I can DO to be delivered. The ONLY thing you can give to God that matters is a completely willing heart. I am proof of that! In bygone years, I tried everything. Finally, last September, I gave it all over to Him. I had to tell my wife EVERYTHING I had done. That was about a 4 month process. I had forgotten many things that had to be recalled and confessed. God granted our marriage the miracle of placing a spirit of forgiveness in my wife. With His help and direction, I have totally changed my thought patterns. I can't tell you what I was, But thank God I can tell you I am a NEW MAN in Christ. Don't listen to Satan when he tells you there is no hope! THERE IS HOPE!!!!!!! If you are a Pastor, Deacon, Sunday School teacher, layman, or not in church at all, God can set you free! You need to find someone that you can be TOTALLY honest with. Someone well-grounded in God that will hold you accountable but not condemn you. Then YOU give your will and mind to God. You will never change your actions until you change your mind. Why do you think the Bible mentions the mind so often? A couple of my favorites talk about "renewing the mind" and "bringing every thought captive". Finally when you honestly commit to this, it won't come easy but freedom CAN be yours! Remember "I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me".


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Eric Dreos

August 12, 2015

I like many have a past that started when I was 10, exposed to nudie magazines. My addiiction and lustful appitete grew. Did not think I was hurting anyone and it seemed normal. What I did not see was how this addiction consumed my time, my thoughts and now my life. I have been a Born Again Christian for just over 5 years and I find God refining me and revealing all the lies I bought into. I am hurting all those around me. I am giving up my eternity with Christ for this momentary lust. The post I read today, said something I knew, but it’s what is holding me back from freedom and that is to stop trying to do it in my flesh and give it all to God. I have tried doing it my way and it has not worked. Oh for awhile and then I conform to the patterns of this world. The book Freedom Begins Here, my mentor and the testimonies are opening my eyes, heart and hope through Christ. I truly want Him to use me to help others. I have to get things right first. Thank you to all those who have found the courage to share, God bless!

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