Jacob wrote:

I'm a 19 year old male. I struggle with pornography and masterbation. I know there is hope for me in Jesus Christ alone. Why I give into my temptations I don't know. All I know is that Satan is behind everypart of it as I just sit there and do anything but flew, at times. Sometimes I do, but others I run toward it as if it is going to fufill me. It never will and I of course no this I need to act it out. I'm tired of seeing everyone else grow towards Christ and me just air on the curb. When ithink about pornography I can understand completely and pasiionatley of how it is wrong and how I need to be strong in Christ and stop fooling around! But when temptation comes on me myind is not clear. As someone said earlier I need to take captive my thoughts and stop letting Satan do that for me. He hates me much and I just sit and obey him most of the time. Where is my heart at you know? I want to say it is with the Lord but according to my actions it is elsewhere. I refuse to believe I am am going to give into this temptation much longer. I was free of it for about 6 months and running with the Lord but I have recently fallen back into my old ways. I refuse to believe that I will be defeated by this temptation when Jesus has already defeated it for me!! Satan is under my feet no matter when the last time I sinned or how long I have lived in that sin! God, I just pray right now that you would come down and instill your heart in all that stuggle with this horrid temptation and that you would cleanse us of all our sins and keep us holy and let us follow your ways and just push temptation away from us and deliver us from all evil! When am I going to open my eyes and see what His will is in my life? I pray for a wife and yet I go to what rips me away from any kind of relationship. It makes me feel like dirt unworthy of a girlfriend or a wife or friends in general yet I keep running back to it. I know I am rambling but I think whoever reads this will understand why. Please someone comment on this. O would love to get some help from another member of Christa family. And that's the thing I go onto the internet and I sin against all those who I should be trying to love and help them get out of thier sins. I don't know. "In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world" - John 16:33 p.s. There will most likely be a lot of errors in this, it was on my I pod touch. GOD BLESS!!!!


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