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I had always seemed like the good kid. Tried to be the christian and all. Then I started secretly watching porn, which started my problem. It would go dorment for a while but then the desire would come back and being weak in faith, I would give in. It got really bad about two years ago, I bought some magazines and would look at them thinking it was fine, feeling the whole time that I was slipping further away from God. Then, I finally got tired, I mean really tired of it and honestly prayed that God would help me put it down. He answered my prayer and showed me the way out which was studying His word. Helps keep my mind clear and time occupied. I still have temptation in my life but I know the way out of the wilderness. I thank God for His faithfulness and His unconditional love. I pray that He would forgive me of my thoughts each and everyday. Please be in prayer for me that I will grow in the faith and not give in to the devil's many temptations.



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