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My name is Brenda and my father is addicted to porn.I don't think i noticed it before my mother died, because she kept us protected. She always kept his anger and rage and sin hidden away. When she passed, he changed, I lost my father on the day I lost my mother.This man that I know right now is not my father. He is verbally, and physically abusive to me and my siblings. Then at the end of every night he gets on the computer and looks up porn. I accidentally got on the computer the other day and found the sites he is on. He is looking at girls my age or younger. How am I supposed to look at this man and see my father? All I see is the sin that he has made his life. I have decided to be pure for my future husband, and he can't understand that at all. Hew thinks that I should do the normal thing in today's world and sleep with the first available man. I have no respect for him. i find it hard because in the bible it says to honor your mother and your father. How is there any honor in what he does? Now he has become engaged to someone, but he still is addicted. i don't know what to do, I love him but what he looks at makes me want to hide away.


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