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Many years ago I began my addiction to pornography. I've grown up as a pastor's kid and loved every minute of it, but with that comes responsibility... one I've failed at for too long. I hid my sin from everyone. I thought I could overcome it by myself. Then one year my youth group went on a trip to a youth conference in Hamilton, Alabama. One of the teen speakers talked about addictions. He said that its not hard to give up addictions. Once you truely encounter God, you begin to not want those things anymore. The reality of it is, we like the sin. We make it harder upon ourselves than it has to be. God's will and plan for our lives is PERFECT! He only wants the best for us, therefore how can we doubt him? That message really shook me! I layed down my addiction at the alter and have never been the same. Now that's not to say that it wasn't hard. It wasn't an immediate freedom. I had to work hard at it, reading my Bible, praying and seeking God daily! But the fight is well worth it! Now I have a love for my Savior unlike ever before. One that pornography could never replace. No longer am I bound to the ways of the devil, for I am free in Christ!



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