jenjen wrote:

My husband has a history with porn. He claims that he has been "clean" for a long time now. What is bothering me is that we haven't had sex for a long time. He can't keep an errection. He doesn't seem attracted to me anymore or interested in me. Part of it is that I've had a lot of neck pain and recent neck surgery to remove the bad disc. But also, I've gained a lot of weight and feel so incrediably fat and ugly. All of these things make me feel insecure. I keep wondering if he has found a way to watch porn again. Some times life is just too much and I wish God would take me to heaven. I don't know whats wrong or what to do. He is probably sick of hearing me complain about being in pain, I know I'm sick of saying it. He is under a great deal of stress and has had to help me out more the last month. I'm rambling. Sorry. I just don't know what is wrong. Is it him or is he just not attracted to me anymore?


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