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hello my dear brothers and sisters, i'm omar, i have 21 years old and actually i'm struggling with porn addiction, its kinda hard to say, i was watching Jimmy Needham testimony and i saw this page, and i said "why not", a few hours before i was watching a porn movie and pictures and stuff, i start this disgusting sin at the age of 13 when i was in middle school, mom and dad are no christians, and they did not talk to me about sex and stuff, so i dont remember when was the first time that i watch porn, i remeber that i printed pages of womens, i accept OUR LORD JESUSCHRIST 3 years ago, and its a diary struggling and fight against that, seriously, i dont know what to do, is disgusting is just a horrible habit and i can't still fighting no more, im tired, i have a beautiful girlfriend, is from my CHURCH and i don't wanna lose her, specially, I DONT WANNA STILL FAILING TO MY LORD JESUSCHRIST, I KNOW YOU GUYS CAN HELP ME, AND IF YOU ONLY PRAY FOR ME AND ASK OUR LORD'S HELP, I WILL VERY VERY GRATEFUL WITH YOU, GOD BLESS YOU ALL, AND GOD BLESS YOUR MINISTRY, THANKS FOR THIS PAGE.


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