TS wrote:

I struggle with pornography. I never thought I would have something in my life that I hated so much. I am letting my family down and my God. However, I am trying to overcome this addiction and I do believe that I can and we all can achieve freedom from this addiction with the help of God. Many of you may also feel that pull and lure towards sexual sin as through it is a spiritual chain that reels you in. At times I question, How can I beat that strong lure? But I do believe that each temptation or trial that we face that is beaten is a victory. We need to start celebrating our victories and stop becoming so disheartened of our failures. Of course it is not ok to fail but do not let it linger over your soul until you beat your self into the ground. Stand up dust your self off and start counting your victories. We can do this. Remember what Jesus said, Do not worry about tomorrow because today has enough worries of its own. Therefore we must strive to beat porn each day. Don't worry about what will happen tomorrow. Win today :D We can do this.


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