Tough Nights wrote:

My first experience with porn was around the age of 11. It wasn't really peer pressure or family issues, but I was molested years before, which could have triggered it. By the age of 14, I was fully addicted to porn. Any time I was alone, I was attached to my computer. By God's Grace, I was saved when I was 16 and my life dramatically changed. The fight got harder only because I was Mentally fighting porn. I would shut down the computer so I wouldn't look it up and I even set a password on the TV for adult programs. Things got better until I got a cellphone. Internet access dragged me back to porn and nearly ruined my life, but God pulled me out. Til this day I am fighting back my urges to watch porn, and God is by my side. You cant overcome this without God and don't try to. This is my testimony. Freedom Begins Here.


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