Freedom in Christ! wrote:

Be encouraged, friends! There truly is hope in Jesus Christ, and I am proof that He can heal you from your addiction. I'm a strong Christian woman who struggled with porn addiction beginning at about 13 yrs old (now I'm 33). I felt trapped by it, disgusted, ashamed. No one would've expected such a dirty thing from me, as I was the "good girl." It was a roller coaster I was on for many years. I would get away from it for a while then fall back into it again and again. I finally decided about 5 yrs ago to confide in a pastor friend. She said I was forgiven, and she loaned me a copy of the "Freedom Begins Here" book & dvd. Listening to the stories of others trapped by porn really opened my eyes to see that I was dealing with a serious and harmful addiction. That's when true healing began. I also confessed to a few other close friends who are strong Christians that I knew would help encourage & pray for me on this road. I thank God for His love, His grace, and His healing. Like other addictions, I don't know that the temptation to relapse ever truly disappears. I still struggle with the temptation on a daily basis. But now I can see clearly and I know that it's Satan trying to pull me back into his lies. That's not where I will find joy. I praise God for this clarity which helps me to make the right choice! Please, friends, don't give up this fight. It's the battlefield of the mind, and you can have victory with Christ. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phil 1:6 I love you all, and I grieve with you because I know what a struggle this is to fight against. Don't give up. Give it to God. He is able to heal you!

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