Sisters Supporting Sisters

Pick up the pieces together

Being the wife of a husband who has struggled with an addiction to porn is a difficult cross to bear. Isolation and loneliness can become the norm in order to hide the shame this brings to the heart of a woman. I understand. However, as I have found in my own life, in order to become healthy, you MUST at some point, reach out to someone that can encourage you and help you to make sense of the emotions you battle everyday. Not only do you need a trusted Pastor and/or counselor but a woman who who can share the road to healing with you. One who knows what it is like to walk through this kind of betrayal.  How do you find such a person?

First and foremost is prayer. Pray that God would send that friend to you. A divine connection in which she can help you and you can help her. A woman who will encourage you and be quick to point you to Jesus. Chances are, you may already be friends with a woman who has been broken by her husband's addiction to porn, but too ashamed for others to know. Beyond finding a sister to share this journey with you I want to encourage you to become involved with a support system. A group of women that you meet with on a regular basis who are passionate about becoming the women God has designed for them to be. Not in spite of their husband's addiction but because of it! No doubt, God will use these women to strengthen you and help you on your journey to wholeness.