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Update from the Road

February 21 – Quincy, Illinois. It was a frigid snowy day in Quincy this Thursday. But that didn’t stop people from coming out. It was the largest and most diverse crowd yet. We had seasoned pastors sitting next to earring laden, longhaired GenY pastors and everything in between. Different as they could be in many ways, yet rallying around the same cause—helping their churches find freedom from pornography.

Thank you so much to Jan and the staff at Coffee on Broadway! You were so gracious to us.

February 22 – Merrillville, Indiana. Wow. It is amazing to see the response from people who come to hear what we’re all about. Two moms who are active in their church and community heard about us on the radio and decided to come. And we are so glad they did. They are championing the cause. They actually want us to come back to their communities with Rush of Fools and put on an event to talk about the issue. That is exactly what we need to get this movement off the ground.

February 23 – Des Moines, Iowa. Maybe it sounds cliché, but God is continually bringing the right people at the right time to these events. Today we met a man who is actually helping a church deal with a crisis involving the pastor’s pornography problem. In fact, he met with the church congregation the very next day and was planning to use some of the Freedom Begins Here material in the meeting. This man drove 100 miles to hear what we had to say. Amazing!

Pre-Lanuch Events - Round Two: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa

Well, we’re at it again. Last week we were in Lynchburg, Virginia. This week we will host Pre-Launch Events in Quincy, IL, Merrillville, IN, Des Moines, IA and Naperville, IL, respectively.

Why these cities you ask? Because we’re doing the Pre-Launch Events in parallel with the Rush of Fools / Newsboys concert tour. Our events will happen in the afternoon of the same day of the concert.

What is all of this about?

In partnership with Gary Smalley, we have created a series of DVD ToolKits, entitled Freedom Begins Here, that will equip churches to help people who struggle with pornography and sexual addiction. Before our nationwide release of Freedom Begins Here, we are inviting a handful of Christian leaders to this invitation-only Pre-Launch Event. On our website are the cities on the Newsboys/Rush of Fools Tour where we will be. You can meet some of the guys from Rush of Fools, hear about their passion for this cause, and learn how Freedom Begins Here can prepare your church and help you create a safe place that is ready and equipped to respond to the potential flood of responses.

Taking the Long Road

Early tomorrow morning we will fire up the engines, melt the frost from the windshield, fill up on petrol and coffee and head east on a long road trip to meet up with the Rush of Fools/Newsboys "Go" tour in Lynchburg, Virginia for the very first Pre-Launch Mobilization Event. This will be the first official public unveiling of the Freedom Begins Here products and our partnership with Rush Of Fools.

Please pray that God will prepare the hearts of all the pastors and church leaders we will meet with. Pray that the message gets through. Pray that a movement will begin. The lives of millions struggling with pornography hang in the balance as we step out and urge churches to start talking about this silent struggle.

Check back for updates, photos and videos from the road.

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