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"Start the Conversation" Discussion Questions

Jacob’s Story: Purity

  • Since God created sex and it is good (within marriage) why do we struggle to talk about it?

  • Why would it be a struggle having sex at an early age?

  • How do choices now affect future relationships?

  • What is purity? What are you told that it is at church? At school?

  • Do you want your parents to sit down and to be honest with you?

  • Why do we have so many misconceptions about sex and why do we avoid discussing it in church? How do we protect ourselves in this sexually saturated society?

Joy’s Story: Self-Image

  • What types of messages does culture send to us?

  • What does it mean to guard you heart?

  • How can relationships be difficult? Are Christians that are relationship more complex?

  • Is physical image the most important feature when you choose a boyfriend or girlfriend, or is it something else to you? What is it?

  • Why do you think God asks for sexual patience?

  • Besides just saying NO, are we being taught in church how to navigate through culture when God says one thing and culture says another?

Jamie’s Story: Talk About It

  • How are we supposed to help people who have struggles?

  • What did you do the first time you saw porn? Does that image remain with you?

  • Did you ever feel you were the odd man out in a conversation around sex? How did it make you feel?

  • Who have you had conversations around sex? Do you have an parent or adult to talk about sexual issues or questions?

  • If so many good people are involved in porn, sex, etc. why is it a touchy subject?

  • Who do you know that you can help that no on else is helping?

Kevin’s Story: Confronting The Issues

  • Do you prefer to confront big issues or to ignore them? Why?

  • Do you think porn and sex is rampant in our culture?

  • Do you believe 12 to 17 year olds are the largest users of Internet porn?

  • How is God view of sex different from our cultures view? What do you think?

  • How can we personally support purity and not come off as judgmental?

JD’s Story: Integrity

  • Discovery of porn on the internet…. how has it affected you?

  • How does porn affect relationships? Have you known someone affect by it?

  • So when we view porn or have sex does it affect other people?

  • What characteristic of Christ do you think that people see in you? What characteristics would you like them to see?

  • What is grace? Are there limits to grace?

Sarah’s Story: Vulnerable Situations

  • What did parents teach you? Baseball, swimming, instrument etc…

  • Have you been in situations that were uncomfortable with the opposite sex? How do we avoid these situations?

  • In you have a sex question, who do you go to?

  • James 5:16 “Confess your sins to one another that you may be healed”. Do you do this? Why or why not?

  • What does it mean that God is strong in our weakness? Does God give us more than we can handle?

Jimmy’s Story: Porn

  • Have you ever felt isolated with your struggles?

  • Have you every felt you were not in control of your sin?

  • Confession is good? Yes or No?

  • Has someone walked you through a difficult time? Have you ever been that “one” to anyone?

  • Why is it often harder to do right than to do wrong?

Wes’s Story: Sex

  • Does everyone struggle so why does everyone act perfect?

  • How is pornography addiction different from drugs and drinking? How is it the same?

  • Is purity good or bad … realistic or not?

  • Should we always avoid “awkward”? When should we not?

  • Is it awkward to talk about seex after we get started talking about it?


Video Blog: Episode 5

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- University of Maryland to screen porn film
- Connie's Story

Start the Conversation

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"Start the Conversation"

• Features 8 Christian Musicians
• Stories of struggle, grace, and redemption
• Perfect for youth groups
• Bonus videos

Rush of Fools, Joy Lippard, Jimmy Needham and Sarah Reeves! Artists from the Wonder of the World Tour share stories of sex, image, pornography, purity, family, marriage and growing up.

Fast-paced, real and motivational, this is one DVD you will not want to miss out on!


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Rush of Fools talks about FBH on TotalAxxess

Rush of Fools recently did an interview about their partnership with us on nationally syndicated radio program TotalAxxess.

Total Axxess airs every Monday through Saturday evening from 7-Midnight on 137 radio signals.

Listen to the interview here:

Pre - Launch Events Gaining Momentum

We are now into our third week of the Pre-Launch Events and things are going really well! Church leaders are very excited and we are starting to see a groundswell of support for Freedom Begins Here in cities all over the country.

For those of you who may not know, these Pre-Launch Events coincide with the Newsboys/Rush of Fools “GO” Tour. They are part of a 36-city concert tour over the next three months. So far, our travels have taken us to Virginia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

YouTube 20/50 Crisis Pre-Launch Events

One of the attendees offered this -- “Friday was a great day! I feel so blessed that I was able to attend your event. Thank you for all the cool stuff, that was an unexpected surprise. I think Rush of Fools is going to be one of my favorites. Their music is so inspiring! Meeting Kevin and Jamie and hearing their passion for witnessing and helping people with their struggles with porn made me love them more.

What a blessing to be there and what a blessing you guys have been to me too. Thank You and I will pray for you and this wonderful ministry.”

We are headed to Texas this week. Our team will be in Lubbock, Abilene, Houston and San Antonio. If you know ANY CHURCH LEADERS in these areas, please let them know we are coming to town. In fact, if you know ANYONE at all in these areas please ask them to refer their churches by going to our website,

What are these Pre-Launch Events all about?

In partnership with Gary Smalley, we have created a series of DVD ToolKits, entitled Freedom Begins Here, that will equip churches to respond the epidemic of pornography and sexual addiction.

Before our nationwide release of Freedom Begins Here, we are inviting a handful of Christian leaders to a series of Pre-Launch Events across the country.

What should you expect?

• A chance to sit down with other church leaders in your community and hear about why we, in partnership with Dr. Gary Smalley and Rush of Fools, are rallying churches around a movement to end the struggle with pornography.

• A casual environment. Most of the events are held at local coffee shops. And we’ll even buy you a cup of your favorite coffee!

• An opportunity to meet one of today’s most popular Christian bands, Rush of Fools and hear about why they chose to champion our cause.

• A chance to win some free stuff like t-shirts, CDs, books, and concert tickets.

Taking the Long Road

Early tomorrow morning we will fire up the engines, melt the frost from the windshield, fill up on petrol and coffee and head east on a long road trip to meet up with the Rush of Fools/Newsboys "Go" tour in Lynchburg, Virginia for the very first Pre-Launch Mobilization Event. This will be the first official public unveiling of the Freedom Begins Here products and our partnership with Rush Of Fools.

Please pray that God will prepare the hearts of all the pastors and church leaders we will meet with. Pray that the message gets through. Pray that a movement will begin. The lives of millions struggling with pornography hang in the balance as we step out and urge churches to start talking about this silent struggle.

Check back for updates, photos and videos from the road.