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The Journey of Restoration; Wives, What Do You See?

Even though you may see your husband moving forward on his journey towards deliverance, sometimes it is difficult to see him as God sees him.  I can relate all too well.  We tend to see through eyes of the past.  We see through distorted lenses.  We see through the pain, the tears, the memories.

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I am a Saint, I am a Sinner

Check all that apply… I don’t struggle with porn. I know that my pastor doesn’t struggle with it either. I really don’t know anyone who views pornography. I have a great family and a great marriage. I am a Christian. I am very blessed. I can say “yes” to some of those things. Now flip the coin.

I am struggling through this life. I can’t sit in front of a computer for more than 5 minutes. I’m unable to stay alone in a hotel room with cable TV service. I can’t even drive through that one part of town. I am so broken. I am so alone. I will never make it. Do you know this voice? All of us do (Romans 3:11-18). Even if you’re a Christian leader or pastor, all of us have stumbled. Some still bear the scars from our falls. Maybe it wasn’t sexual temptation, but we have all felt broken and alone.

The Protestant Reformer Martin Luther used the Latin phrase “Homo simul iustus et peccator” to explain the state of all believers in a new light. Man is at the same time saint and sinner. What a paradox. I am a saint and a sinner. I’m not perfect, just forgiven. PBPGINFWMY. Say it however you like, but it is the transformational power of the gospel. It is the light of hope shining into the darkness and the darkness cannot hide from it.

So what does God require ME to do about this whole porn thing? If you think you are a saint, think again about YOUR need for a Savior. If you think you are a hopeless sinner, consider YOUR Savior and the mercy He extends to all. There is a beautiful answer to that question in Micah 6:8, “Do what is fair and love kindness. Walk without pride with your God.” I can be fair and kind to those who struggle. I can humbly come before God to find freedom.