Battle for your Mind!

Think about what is happening when we give into a sin.  Our battle is on two fronts.  One is in our mind and the other is the spiritual battle we have going on.  Sometimes I think we want to blame the spiritual battle for most of our issues but sometimes it is just us losing the battle in our own inner man.


What can I say; I see it in my own life.  It becomes a battle with me to think I deserve something and then it becomes a fantasy.  Well God has no desire for us to live in that fantasy world.  He wants us to face life as a real person with all our emotions.  Sometimes we have had trauma in our own life that will not allow us to face these issues.  If that is true for you then please seek professional help to deal with these issues on both fronts, clinically and spiritually.  Sometimes it is our view of God that distorts our thinking.   We don’t have a clear view of how he feels about us.


On the spiritual side we do have an enemy (Satan) and his goal is to destroy, steal, and rob us of any value from God.  He (Satan) loves to plant thoughts that we get sucked into that make us feel less about ourselves when we give in.  I heard some say they have grown comfortable with throwing off the thoughts that the enemy brings into their mind.  I was impressed with their ability to do this because I personally continue to fail at this in my own life.  We have to start to review almost every thought to make sure it lines up with “Jesus thoughts” in Scripture.  So the passage “Take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ” is a minute-by-minute choice.  So Brent, are you asking me to do this?  Well we need to start someplace so if we practice this and see results we will be encouraged to continue pursuing it.


As Jesus states, come and try it.  Remember you have tried to fix yourself like I have. Controlling our thoughts is going to take something more than we can do on our own.  Remember as Christians we have the Holy Spirit residing in us so let’s use an amazing resource that the Trinity has given us.


Our mind is the ultimate place Satan can motivate us to make choices.  If we use the resources God has provided us to live in His Spirit we may see changes in areas we have never seen before.


Remember where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Freedom!  I don’t know about you but that sounds like a good place to be!

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