2012: Another Amazing Year!

What if I told you…

We gave away and distributed more than 1000 resources to individuals who were seeking freedom.  We have not even scratched the surface of this struggle.  

Stories came in about how men were finding freedom!

We counseled and assisted over 70 churches in helping individuals with their addiction to porn.

We worked directly with high school students on their recovery from pornography.  More importantly, we saw them come to grips with their struggle and start on a path of freedom.

We were invited to share our wisdom on a global platform for parenting called the FLOW Summit.  The two sessions are about having conversations on pornography and sex. 

Our Plans for 2013

All of our online videos will now be FREE.

We will post every video from ALL of our resources online for free. You will see nearly 40 new videos added to the Freedom Begins Here Site 

We are working on some brand new video content.

We want to impact more lives, so we will post sections of our Devotional Journal online for FREE!

We will give away more free resources in 2013 with the goal of impacting 5,000 lives.   

So What Is Your Part?

Please tell anyone who is working with this issue that they can get free resources on our website. Communicate that freedom is possible!  

Pray that we gain supporters so this message can continue!

Written by: Bryson Moore

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