Talk is Cheap!

We attended a Men’s Ministries Leadership Conference earlier this month. The speakers were great, and the attendees were nice. Good and solid people who love the Lord.

The epidemic of pornography (now in the church) was mentioned at least 4 or 5 times by the speakers from the stage. The struggles that Christians face in regard to this temptation and stronghold as well as the enormity of the crisis were thoroughly addressed.

Yet, very few came by the Freedom Begins Here booth to learn how this may be dealt with in their men’s group or church. Very few were looking for resources, plans, ideas, or thoughts.

Why? Is it fear? Is it a refusal to face the truth? Is it because it is hard to deal with real issues as opposed to just talking about them? Were they struggling with this issue themselves? Did that make them believe that they, therefore, can’t address it in a group? Or, do they just really not care? I do not know.

I do know this, though. Pornography can be addressed in church in a loving and tactful way. People are actually desperate for this to be done. They are suffering in anonymity and silence.

This issue is not going away. It is only getting bigger. It will rear its ugly head eventually in ruined relationships, marriages, families, and careers. It will have to be dealt with then.

Shouldn’t the church be proactive and deal with it now before the destruction comes? Isn’t this what the church ought to be about? Don’t we owe our members that? Doesn’t God expect it, as well?

What is it going to take for the church to not just talk about it but to put plans in place to do something about it as well?

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