Covenant Eyes I Phone App Review

We at Freedom Begins Here have been waiting a long time for the Covenant Eyes iPhone Application to come out... and it is finally here!

Freedom Begins Here and Covenant Eyes have a long-standing partnership and we've been excited to see what this App would hold when released. (Just a quick "what we do": Freedom Begins Here primarily aids with diagnosis and recovery for sexual addiction and Covenant Eyes deals in accountability and monitoring of internet usage.)

Covenant Eyes has had quite a bit of trouble getting their App launched, but it has officially been approved by Apple as of last week. Here is our review:

Prior to Covenant Eyes, only a few developers had launched similar web-browser monitoring services. The iPhone has built-in disabling options for Safari, YouTube, iTunes and protections for Music, Movies, TV Shows and App downloads (both of which can be password protected).

Covenant Eyes released their App as a web browser, much like Safari, instead of a monitoring system. Apple does not allow monitoring applications to be running in the background of the default iPhone Safari browser.

Covenant Eyes can be found in the App store through a simple search, or under the Utilities Category. Restrictions DO need to be disabled in order to download the App because it is rated 17+ (required because it is an internet browser, and the internet unfortunately contains objectionable content).

Covenant Eyes recommends that you disable your Safari, YouTube and even App store if needed and allow all internet access and usage to pass through the Covenant Eyes App. An accountability partner would set the password protection on your phone and iTunes store to limit your access. Once these restrictions are set, the Covenant Eyes App can be used to login using your usual login and password from your Covenant Eyes account before accessing the internet. Great if you have an account already, but if not, you will need to visit Covenant Eyes to register prior to using the App.

The application itself is a complete web browser, there is no blocking or filtering, merely monitoring. You will still be able to access all websites and Google searches, but everything will be tracked to an accountability partner on your standard report. The App has only a few shortcomings including no auto-fill and some glitches with the keyboard, but it navigates just like Safari for the most part.

All in all, the App isn't an end-all solution for those struggling with internet porn, but it is a HUGE step in the right direction for protection on mobile devices. This App will work great for those serious about accountability and for parents looking to safe-guard their "iKids". Check it out! We highly recommend this App for iPhone users!

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Note: Safe Eyes also has an App out there, if you want to pay additional for it, and XXXChurch is about to release their X3Watch browser App as well.

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