Christians Demand Sex Trafficking


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I just watched this YouTube video from PureJustice that discusses sex trafficking and how that there is a consensus that the normalization and proliferation of pornography is a driving force behind the explosion of this evil due to the increased demand for supply. That makes sense based on the fact that sex trafficking is defined by US federal law as " the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for the purpose of a commercial sex act." And, no one can argue that there is a "voracious" demand for more and more commercial sex acts committed to video.

At the very least, the normalization and proliferation of pornography has created a climate where human beings are objectified and our culture is becoming more and more desensitized and tolerant of that. Instead of viewing men and women as created in the image of God with dignity and worth, the pornography culture views them as exploitable objects and commodities to be used. Sounds like a culture much more accepting of sex trafficking, doesn't it? I mean after all, they are only objects being used for our entertainment and pleasure! Now, we would never say that, but isn't that the natural (unnatural?) progression?

Every Christian would probably agree that sex trafficking is evil. Yet, when we support the pornography industry and that mentality by viewing and buying pornography, aren't we contributing to their mindset? Aren't we contributing to the demand? Aren't we asking for a greater supply? Aren't we, by our lack of personal resistance, giving our approval? Who, that we are lustfully watching for our own personal pleasure, has been "recruited, harbored, transported, provided, or obtained for the purpose of a commercial sexual act?" Congratulations, we must not really think that sex trafficking is all that bad!

Pornography is an intoxicating lure. However, it has a hellish underbelly. It has a hellish supply chain. It has a hellish aftermath. And, it is a hellish master. So, Christian, indulge and enjoy. No harm done. Right? Pornography and sex trafficking is so grateful for the church's (the body of Christ's, if you are a believer) tolerance, demand, and support!

Please plan ahead of time to remind yourself of "supply and demand" the next time you are seductively tempted to participate in this objectification of human beings created in the image of God and in this conduit of sex trafficking. I pray that it will not be quite so appealing then. And, may the Lord use that to provide the way of escape to freedom.



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