What if Jesus Meant all that Stuff

I recently read a message by Shane Claiborne in Esquire Magazine. It is a powerful message to the non-believer, sort of believing and used to be believing friends of his. Shane Claiborne is a Christian that lives his life outside of the evangelical bubble. He has authored two powerful books "Irresistible Revolution" and "Jesus for President". Please click on this link http://www.esquire.com/print-this/shane-claiborne-1209 to read his powerful message. The concern I continue to have is how will we reach the next generation for Christ. My perception is that we struggle to be real and we worry about making Jesus look good and all along we really make him look bad because we live hypocritical lives.

So I am sure you are saying "Why is he writing this blog when Freedom Begins Here is a ministry that is dealing with Pornography?" Well the biggest barrier we face is that church lacks honesty about how many people are bond by the issue of pornography within the church. As we speak with pastors, lay leaders and individuals on this issue almost everyone states our ministry is needed but no one is doing anything about it. We have only found a few churches that are willing to address this issue with the average church member or attender. Now let me state that our need to reach the next generation will be based on becoming real and allowing people to see our shortcoming and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

So what is my point? It is time for all of us to take a look at what we are doing in our Christian lives and become real. The key to transformation is transparency in our lives. I heard recently that a well know Christian leader stated without individual Christians living transparent lives we will not see revival in the church.

I hesitated putting this up on the blog because of Esquire visual images. A friend here at FBH helped me with link to only view the text of Shane's message.


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