Thanks for your Support!

On behalf of Freedom Begins Here, we just wanted to thank everyone who has shown support over the last couple of days! There has been an overwhelming response from some of our recent sessions and the James Robison show yesterday and today.

A lot of you may be finding your way here, but are unsure what to do next. Here's some tips:

1) Check out our free video downloads under the VIDEOS tab on the top left of the page.
2) Educate yourself! We have a lot of material here: books, videos, DVD resources. Most of them are geared for people who are struggling with porn and sexual addictions themselves, but we have found that if anybody educates themselves by watching and reading our resources, they are just that more able to help someone in need.
3) Tell someone. Chances are you came here because you yourself are struggling with these difficult issues, or because you know (or pretty sure you know) someone who is. Educate yourself about our resources and let them know.

Thanks again, and let's keep generating some of this support, tell people about us, email the link, embed a video to your facebook, tweet something that you find helpful.

There are a lot of people out there looking for help, but we need your help for them to find us!



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