Men at the Cross

We are in St. Louis this weekend for a Men at the Cross event. Come out and see us if you are in the area!

So far, we've had some great conversations with folks who are really dealing with this issue and a lot who are ready to help others. It is very exciting.

Here are some of the funnier/interesting things people said today:

Me: How are you sir?
Guy #1: Up to my armpits in favor and lovin every minute of it.
Me: Oh, that's good...I think?

Guy #2: Hey! Where are the "I love my wife" bumper stickers?

Guy #3: Hey, are you that guy from those videos?
Me: Um...I guess.

Guy #4: Is this available in Portuguese? (Sounded like, "Does this have sheets?")
Rick: Well, it has a guidebook and a Devotional Journal.

And one very awkward handskake attempt gone wrong. Standing there holding my hand out, guy never sees me, then I try to act like I wasn't.

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