Dirty LIttle Secret

'34 percent. That's how many readers of Today's Christian Woman's online newsletter admitted to intentionally accessing Internet porn in a recent poll.'

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December 18, 2015

Can anyone help me solve my pelborm?I am married for last 2 years. I hail from a modern family. My parents are quite liberal and open minded. My marriage was an arranged one. I came to know before marriage only that my wife is quite skeptical about mother in law thing. It was told to her and her parents that I stay with my parents. Anyways, pelborm started few days after marriage. She felt bad about something my mother had told her. I ignored that it is a part of the adjustment. I am quite courageous to even contradict my mother, when i felt she is wrong. However, my wife’s anger for my mother kept on increasing in the past 1 year. The interesting part is that my wife stays in another city for her studies and she is goignt o stay there for another 8 months. She just visits my house for 7 10 days and after that she will keep saying things about my mother and my father, to the extent fo calling her a bitch to me. To add to everyone’s knowledge, my wife does not have any responsibilty of cooking, getting up earlyor any time constraints. Us returning from late night movies is a accepted affair in my house. Clothing is not a pelborm. Its just tht now she has started to force me give a commitment 8 months in advance, to take a separate accomodation when she returns. Folks, I seriously am afraid that probably her demands wont end up here. I have read about the replies of the other question and I would seriously appreciate if you people can give me suggestions. I am under quite a stress.

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