LifeWay Youth Pastors Conference

From Hershey, we traveled to Nashville for the LifeWay Youth Pastor’s Conference. Over 300 youth pastors assembled to better equip themselves to lead their youth groups.

Sadly, there is no doubt that youth are taking the brunt of the pornography crisis. 12 to 17 year olds are the largest consumers of Internet pornography. Most of the youth pastors we spoke with are proactively dealing with this issue in their youth groups. However, we met several who were either intentionally avoiding it, didn’t think it was an issue among their kids, or were not allowed to approach it as instructed by the senior pastor. Tragic isn’t it? If a child's first exposure to hard core Internet porn happens around age 11, and we are not helping them deal with the images that are now forever implanted in their brain, don't act surprised when you find out five years later that they see nothing wrong with oral sex, masturbation, etc. They think, "We're not having intercourse, so we’re not having sex." Sorry to be so blunt, but that is the reality of what this sexually charged culture is telling our kids.

On a lighter note, we drove through 10 states on this trip and saw all kinds of fun this van:

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