Men at the Cross - Hershey, Pennsylvania

"The sweetest place on earth" was home to the fifth Men at the Cross event and our fifth time to minister in a big way to the men who attended. We continue to meet and dialogue with men and women who are stepping up and getting equipped with the Freedom Begins Here material. Thank you for tackling this crisis in your own life, for guarding your family, and for challenging your church leadership to take action.

Our approach this time was a little more direct. We created a new sign that read, “PORN. We’re all dealing with it. It’s time to TALK about it.”

We have ideas for other banners too. How about, "Stopping at this booth does not make you a pervert" or "Find help 'for a friend'" or "Shhhh…it's a secret." We’d love to hear your ideas and feedback for how we can break through the silence and stigma that surrounds this whole issue. You can always reply to our emails with your comments. We read and respond to every email that comes in.

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