What's is going on at FBH

We haven't posted a full update in a while and we thought you might be wondering what has been going on around here. Things are moving so fast and it is hard for our small team to keep up with the day to day and even harder to sit down and write about it. Here's a quick list of what's been going on.

Every day is a reminder that we are a very small team with a very big vision. Tackling the enormous crisis of pornography and sexual sin would be a colossal quest for a team ten times our size. Yet day in and day out we give it everything we've got, knowing that this is what we are called to do.

The encouraging news is that we are beginning to see real traction. It seems that the seeds we've been planting for over four years are starting to grow. For a long time it seemed like we were staring at the dirt only to see an occasional sprout or two.

What does that mean in non-metaphorical, non-cliché language? It means Freedom Begins Here is starting to get the attention of people outside of our office. Retailers are putting FBH resources in their stores. Organizations are ready to partner with us to amplify our small voice with their megaphones. Pastors and church leaders are getting equipped to help their churches begin the conversation about porn and sexual sin. Moms and dads are ready to talk to their kids about it. And most importantly, people all over the country are beginning their journey toward freedom.

But none of this would be happening without all of you who believe in us and believe in this cause. Now we need you to spread the word. With every person who signs up for our newsletter, purchases a ToolKit or submits a story, another seed is planted and the harvest gets a little bigger.

And yes, we like to have fun in the process.

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