Will it Fix Itself?

This morning in our prayer meeting there were several things brought up that got me thinking. A man had struggled with an addiction to pornography for 15 years... and someone said, "That's close to the majority of his life."

If you have a flat tire on your vehicle, you get it repaired and drive down the road... what happens if you don't? You drive on the flat until you've destroyed the tire, the rim, and eventually other parts of your vehicle will become damaged. Driving at higher speeds with a flat tire can be hazardous and may result in a serious and potentially deadly accident.

For those struggling with an addiction and hoping it will fix itself... it might not. What then? Are you content living and hoping it's going to get better? Why not do something. Why not get that flat repaired? There's no guarantee that your journey will be suddenly become a smooth one, but leave it your struggle to fix itself and you're risking a wreck.

If you care about your car there's no question you'd get that tire taken care of. It's probably safe to say you care more about your own life and wellness than you do for your vehicle... unless it's a classic! J/K

I'm not saying this to discourage anyone... but that imagery just came to me hearing about people living with this struggle for such an extended period of time.

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