The bad guys of Primetime Television....

I'm not going to lie; I watch a lot of TV. It's just something I enjoy... I like the stories that the writers can tell in 30-minute episodes of Scrubs... and I enjoy the drama and suspense of Law & Order... I don't care how fake their tactics are - I enjoy watching it! One thing that ALWAYS makes me wonder though... On SVU (Special Victims Unit) they handle the sexually related crimes. All of the criminals have backgrounds that started with abuse, addiction, or mental illness... Now, I realize these are fictional characters and this is all over dramatized for shock and awe on TV, but I still wonder... these individuals would probably not have been welcome into a church... where they belong. People would not have put their arms around them and offered love and encouragement. Instead, people would smile, look away, and think in the back of their heads "My kid isn't going near that person." It's the sad truth. I always feel for these "bad guys." Sure they're labeled as "sick" - all the more reason to show them love. It's something I struggle with when I see "To Catch a Predator" on tv... these folks need help and not humiliation on a national tv show. It seems like a double-edged sword and I don't know if it's right or not, but something in me says they are doing more damage than they know.

We can be there to offer all the help in the world when we see these people... but really, why are we waiting until their struggle has progressed to the point of acting out. Why can we not start living in accountability and support before it all crashes down. /end rant.

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